Our story begins in 1996 when two physicians with entrepreneurial spirit and incessant drive embarked on a journey to improve the quality of life of those around them by offering a holistic approach to healthcare.

The founders’ innovative and unique way of thinking coupled with a team of highly qualified specialists have transformed Borola over the years from a two-person enterprise to a leading healthcare company.

Today Borola operates in 3 countries, employs hundreds of people, and offers more than 50 natural products, cosmetic products and medical devices.


We believe everyone has the right to total care in health, beauty and wellness.


We will change the way people think of total care in health, beauty and wellness.


Be the most respected health, beauty and wellness company.


Committed to total care that never stops improving.

Our Strengths

  • Offering high quality, research-based natural products, medical devices and cosmetics;
  • Developing and administering a wide range of health programs, which integrate:
    • state-of-the-art healthcare services;
    • high-quality natural products and pharmaceuticals; and
      comprehensive and up-to-date health information.
  • Employing an efficient, fully-integrated system for the commercialization of health products by
    • providing a wide range of regulatory affairs, manufacturing, wholesale, marketing, advertising, publishing and distribution services; and
    • leveraging our production facilities, warehouse, health stores, clinic, well-trained highly qualified team, and international experience in 3 unique and diverse countries in Eastern Europe and North America.
  • Educating and training physicians, pharmacies, patients, companies and organizations; and
  • Partnering with leading international pharmaceutical companies, organizations and contract manufacturers.